The “All Seeing” Eye Of Knowledge Ring - With rare, multi-color golden mystic topaz. Makes it easy to resolve problems and receive deep emotional healing.

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When I first wore this very unusual golden mystic topaz, it felt like I could intuitively look all the way back to the time of the pyramids, know all their ancient secrets, and tap into the wisdom of the universe. 

Featuring: The “All Seeing” Eye Of Knowledge Ring

Provides knowledge, wisdom, insight, protection, calm, and deep emotional healing every time you put it on.

"I put this on and suddenly I know that everything is going to be all right - I know because I can see it." ~ Energy Artist Julia

This ring enhances the Egyptian magic used to connect to sun god Ra, and to the universe - to gain knowledge, insight and healing that helps you in your every-day life. 

Multi-color rare topaz turns from gold to pink in direct sunlight. Solid 925 silver, hand-carved and energy enhanced by Julia. Includes 24 carat gold plate, 2 microns thick that will never rub off.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. 

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Dear Friends,

When I first saw this Golden Mystic Topaz stone, the first thing I said was “I’ve never seen this.”  

My supplier from India said they had only made a small number of them and that all the stones were sold at the Tucson Gem Show on the first day.  And people kept asking for more.

They told me that these stones give you access to divine knowledge to better deal with whatever problems you have, and also heal past trauma.

Since then, I’ve searched and searched, and they are the only ones in the world offering this shade of Golden Mystic Topaz. It has a mesmerizing green/gold look but is multi-colored in that it turns pink in direct light. 

So I had them set in this very exotic eye of knowledge design and they look fabulous.  And when you wear them you appear to others mysterious, exotic, and beautiful. 

What This Stone And Design Does For You

In ancient Egypt, topaz was used to connect with the sun god Ra and obtain power, light, illumination/knowledge, healing protection, and eternal life.  The Eye Of Ra was also considered very protective.

By adding the golden green hue to topaz, this stone amplifies topaz’s properties, especially when it comes to wisdom and life-force, allowing you to see beyond what is visible, to know things you have no way of knowing, and to tap into timeless ancient secrets.

Add this to the all-seeing eye design, those powers are even further increased. 

How It Makes You Feel To Wear It

When I wear it, I feel my inner knowledge reach across the land, even across time, to the heavens and within myself.  It seems to add depth to my soul.  I also feel calm because, with this feeling of divine illumination, I know everything is going to be all right.  

If I’m feeling frazzled or anxious, I put this on and immediately feel better.

Plus it is fun to wear.  Everyone asks where I got it.  There is a level of excitement you feel when you wear it out.

Bonus - Multi Color Pink For Emotional Healing

This stone flashes green/gold at most angles.  But in sunlight, it will also flash pink with other lesser rainbow colors mixed in.  

I know they say pink is a sign of love.  And it has that.  

But it also feels like a deep emotional healing is going on when I see the pink.  It feels like I have a better understanding of things from my past and that I can easily heal emotional scars as long as you have it on.

Energy Enhanced And Blessed

I’ve gone to spirit and asked that the powers of your ring be enhanced and have a divine connection.  This is activated stone which means it works far better than just getting something out of a pile of stones somewhere.

It is also cleared of any bad energies it may have picked up from others touching it when it was made.  It is also made in a blessed healing space so it has good vibes all around.

A One-Time Chance To Own It

I got these in March, and have been unable to get more of the stones. This may be your only chance to own such a unique piece.  If you resonate with it, I suggest you get one, and maybe a backup piece in case you lose the first one. 

I look forward to helping you obtain the knowledge necessary to live a life full of all the good things you wish to have.


Energy Artist Julia

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Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.*


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