The "Divine Lightworker" Citrine Healing Ring - Unique checkerboard stone releases amazing healing energies.

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This ring features a top quality citrine healing stone in a unique checkerboard cut which releases enormous healing energies every time you wear it.
This stone is energy channeled, blessed and infused to increase its healing intelligence. It feels like a light being inhabits your ring.
Individually hand carved.  Collector's quality, 9.5 carat citrine stone set in solid, guaranteed authentic 925 silver.  Very well made.
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This ring helps you direct intense healing energies to yourself or to others. ~ Energy Artist Julia

You will not find this quality at this price anywhere. But we don't have a lot available so hurry and get yours while you can.

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Dear Friends,
The day I put this on, and wore it with a sun dress, is the day I realized that I truly am a being of joy and light. I put it on in the morning and seemed to shine like an illuminating sunbeam as I moved through my errands. People couldn’t help but notice. 
It felt like I spread healing light everywhere I went. There was far less anger around me. It is like when you put it on, you become a being of light, emitting joy and positivity. You walk through your world and change all the dark spaces into ones of happiness. You become the divine lightworker.
It was a great discovery for me, for you and for all those who embrace the healing light, using it to heal themselves and others. 
Here’s how I discovered this.
At the Tuscon Gem Show, we visited the collection of Indian spiritualist Shetal. My coworker Kim, who used to own a jewelry store near Vail, put one on and said “this is just fantastic - people are going to love it.” And she would know. She had spent years selling unique, higher end jewelry to well heeled collectors.
And from the moment she showed me this ring, I couldn't stop staring at it and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It wasn’t a question of whether I would have some made for you. It was only a question of how many I could afford to have made for you. If you like the photo of it, you will find it is even more beautiful in person.
What gives this ring its powers is the way it captures and transmits the healing light of the citrine stone. This citrine is not only great quality, but it is done in a fabulous, unique and very time consuming checkerboard cut. I’ve read that gem cutters can only cut 5 to 10 of these stones a day.
For some reason, this cut, with this stone, magically amplifies the the healing energies of the sun. While citrine has always emitted these soul warming energies, this intricate cut magnifies those energies.
But there was a catch. The gem cutters, knowing I am price conscious, told me that they could save me a lot of money if I picked a less difficult and time-consuming cut. “That cut is what gives the ring all that power” I told them. 
So I went ahead and had them cut the stones, knowing that I would make a lot less selling them because I wasn’t going to raise the price that much. But for me, the knowledge that you will get to experience the absolute delight of wearing it, of feeling the powers of the golden sun fill your heart, is more than reward. 
Plus, spirit has pushed me hard to get it to you. So I know there are people out there who will do amazing things when they wear it. If you find yourself strongly attracted to the ring, you are probably one of those individuals chosen for the ring. 
I hope you will heed the call and spread the light and wear this high vibration piece.
Energy Artist Julia
P.S. If you feel that strong attachment to this healing ring, I suggest you get it now. This is the last ring I was able to get before the cost of silver doubled and I haven’t raised the price. After this I won’t be able to sell it at this price again.
Other Interesting Facts About This Citrine
Citrine is often called “the light maker.”
According to Hindu belief, if you wish to gain the blessing of Jupiter and its ability to expel darkness, you should wear citrine.
Citrine balances and unblocks chakras.
Some call citrine “the vitamin C of the soul.”
Citrine drives out anger which is very important in today’s society.
Citrine is often used for manifesting intentions. The more intense the desire, the better it works.
Citrine is said to promote stability, strength, confidence and warmth.
Citrine is said to attract money and prosperity. 
Citrine cleanses the aura
Citrine is said to soothe anxious thoughts.
Citrine is said to boost confidence.
Although citrine boosts sun energies, placing it in the sun to clear it actually diminishes its powers and color.
Citrine is believed to be most powerful between the new moon and the full moon.
Gift Box And Descriptive Card Included
These come in a nice gift box for you or in case you want to give them as a gift. They also include a card describing the spiritual properties of the piece as well as a very special blessing/prayer you can use to activate its powers.
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You get to wear something beautiful, so
Act now, before it is too late and see how much better you feel.
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Product Reviews

  • 5
    Legacy piece

    Posted by DJOURA ABBAS on Apr 15th 2021

    It’s just beautiful! I love wearing it and feel better when I wear it. I could not keep my eyes off it the first few days. Another one I would wear everyday if I could. Only 10 fingers!

  • 5
    The ring spoke to me the second I saw it. When it arrived, I had to get used to its energy as it healed me as soon as I put it on. The ring is very powerful and beautiful.

    Posted by Marie Delanote on Oct 5th 2020

    Very high quality and beautifully made.