The “Forever Happy” Positive Feelings Bracelet. Mood boosting pearls and aqua chalcedony.

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Wear This For Only Two Hours And You Can’t Help But Feel Lighter, Happier and Luckier.
The “Forever Happy” Positive Feelings Bracelet. Includes the pearl and aqua blue chalcedony combination known to raise your mood, protect you from negativity and improve your luck … especially when you are feeling low.
It doesn't take long to feel light and happy after you put this on. The stones and pearls move, jingle and flash, collecting positive joyful energies. - Energy Artist Julia

You won't find this quality and price anywhere else! 

ABOUT: Gemstones hand selected by Energy Artist Julia for their beauty and spiritual power. Energy channeled and personally blessed by Julia. Made in our sacred space, new age studio in the high mountains of Gypsum, CO, USA. 

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.

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Dear Friends,
The other day we completed this bracelet, and my husband Spencer asked me “how does it make you feel when you wear it?”
I’d had it on a couple of hours so I didn’t hesitate when I answered “I feel light and happy” as I held my hand out and looked at the stones and pearls sparkling and moving on my wrist.
Putting it on was like a breath of fresh air, a lightening of the mind that lifted me above all the dreary things I was seeing in the news. It provided a huge break from these stresses.
And I realized that spirit was once again working through me to bring you the thing that you need right now. It offers you a break from the stresses around you so you can go through your day happy, content with a new feeling of luck and optimism.
One of the things I really love about this is how comfortable it is to wear. The leather is so soft. It is hand braided (very time consuming) in our studios and offered in many sizes so you can get a perfect fit. 
You can wear this all day and if it weren’t for its extreme beauty that keeps you looking at it all the time, you wouldn’t know it was there.
The stones are aqua blue chalcedony which is famous for making you feel positive and confident. It is often called the “stone of optimism” because it helps you see the good in everything and feel confident about your future.
It also includes beautiful pearls that inspire cheerfulness, good luck and also protect you from negativity. This is so important to inspiring happiness because it blocks all the bad vibrations coming your way, allowing your joy to bloom and spread throughout your life.
This is the perfect combination for raising your spirits when you feel a little down.
Guaranteed Your Happiness Will Increase *
I’m confident that from the moment you put this on you will see a difference in your energies and mood. 
If it doesn’t lift your spirits, you can return it within 30 days for a refund.*
Energy Channeled And Personally Blessed
I energy channel each creation and ask spirit to fill it with the greatest blessing possible ... to bring you a lifetime of joy and happiness. People say they can feel the positive energies emitted from them before they even open the box.
Limited Quantities - We May Not Get More
I wish I had a lot of these, but the construction of this piece, with hand braiding, is very time-consuming. We just couldn’t make a lot and didn’t realize how time-consuming it was until we made a few. I’m offering all I have. When I run out, that may be it. 
If you want this, I suggest you get it now while it is available. It comes at a great price and is guaranteed so there’s no risk to you.
I look forward to sending this beautiful creation to you. 
Energy Artist Julia
What's The Hold-Up?
You know that there are many things trying to bring down your mood, and
This is a guaranteed, risk free way to improve your happiness, and
You get to wear something incredibly beautiful, so
Get yours now before they are all gone.

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