The Opal Butterfly Transformation Ring - Top quality Ethiopian Opal In A Butterfly Design Frees Your Spirit And Helps You Move Your Life In The Direction You Want

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You may never see this high-quality, high-energy Ethiopian opal again. I was lucky enough to get some for you before it was sent to Dubai. 
Introducing The Opal Butterfly Transformation Ring
Top quality Opal In A Butterfly Design Frees Your Spirit And Helps You Move Your Life In The Direction You Want.

I have never seen opal this beautiful with these kind of powers.  It is like you become the butterfly when you put it on. ~ Energy Artist Julia.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. Photographed in direct sunlight. In dark rooms opal isn't as bright.
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Dear Friends,
I’m so excited to have gotten you this fantastic, rare, really high end Ethiopian opal for this ring.
This is a powerful stone that brings you new insights and understanding when you face personal challenges, and filters out bad energies so only good ones can enter your aura. 
It also releases inhibitions that are holding you back, removes blockages to getting the life you want, and enhances your creativity, freeing your spirit to live in light and joy.
It was originally cut in India and earmarked for top jewelry stores in Dubai. I was fortunate enough to get some of it but could only make less than 20 rings per size. 
With the rarity of this quality stone, this may be your one-time chance to own highly energetic opal like this. If I ever get this quality again, it will cost way more.
The ring itself is 4-5 micron gold fill (gold plate is only .5 to 1.5)) which will never rub off, with a butterfly symbol that represents your spirit’s transformation from an earth-bound life-form, often blind to the world around it, to a beautiful being of light who floats on the winds of the cosmos. 
If you are feeling lost, confused or without direction, wearing this combination of opal and butterfly, and following the included meditation I send with each ring, frees you of that emotional burden and lets your heart soar. 
PLUS, staring into a superb opal like this is said to bring about psychic and mystic visions, especially ones that guide you to a brighter and happier future.
Energy Blessed To Heal And Help You. Activation Instructions Included
Before I send you your ring, I go to spirit and ask that it be cleared and infused with life-time energies that give you special powers when you wear it. Everyone notices the difference between wearing this and any other, non-energized jewelry.
I also include instructions for energetically activating and empowering your ring … making it far more powerful and helpful to you than other rings.
Hand Selected - Limited Run Jewelry Only Available One Time
I hand select stones, finding the most beautiful, most energetic ones for you. This means I can only offer a very limited number of pieces to you …. usually 20 or less per size.
And most of the time, I’m not able to find the stones again. So I offer them once and after they sell they are gone forever. If you want one, this may be your only chance.
Guaranteed Authenticity And Results
These days, there are just so many fake stones being sold that I’ve had to go to great lengths to get you authentic ones that have real energies and magic. We test them here and sometimes even have them tested in GIA affiliated labs. I guarantee my stones are real.
I also guarantee that my jewelry will do the things for you I say it will. As far as I know, we are the only company to do that. But I see no reason saying something will work if I don’t also guarantee it. 
If this doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Rediscover Yourself
This ring was created to magically free your spirit from blockages and inhibitions that keep you from experiencing true joy and transformation. Wear it and shine brighter than ever before, and you will once again walk this world as a confident, blessed, magical being.
Energy Artist Julia
Don't Wait.
You know you could do much in this world if you were free from negative emotions, and
You know that this quality of stone is something you may never again have an opportunity to own, and
With this ring you have a risk free, guaranteed way to find this within yourself, so
Get yours now while you still can, and watch your life change.
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Product Reviews

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    Beautiful Butterfly Opal Ring

    Posted by Mindy Chang on Mar 12th 2024

    This is a beautiful opal ring at an incredible price. I am amazed at the quality of this Ethiopian opal. The opal is truly mesmerizing with so much rainbow flash, especially in the sunlight. Wearing this ring makes me feel calm, energized, and uplifted. Of all the many pieces I have by Julia, this is one of my favorites!

  • 5

    Posted by Mary Ferguson on Jan 14th 2024

    I purchased this as a gift for my Aunt. The quality of the opal was absolutely incredible. You do not see these everywhere. The butterfly and gold looked so beautiful next to it. I know my Aunt will be able to transform her life. I have purchased so much from Julia and her jewelry has really helped me in my life.