The "Light In The Forest" Magical Energy Necklace - Energy infused, raw-cut citrine and amethyst.

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From The First Time You Touch It You Will Feel Lighter, Happier And Filled With Joy
The "Light In The Forest"  Magical Energy Necklace

Features powerful, raw citrine and amethyst stones of illumination.

Energy blessed to fill you with good energies wherever you go.

Rare stones. We cannot get more at this price so hurry.
When I put this on, it is like a bright, cheery sun is filling me with light and hope.. ~ Energy Artist Julia.
Made, energy channeled and blessed in our new age studios in the high mountains of Gypsum, CO USA. Adjustable size 16" to 32" inches.
Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.  These stones were photographed in direct sunlight. They will be darker indoors.

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Dear Friends,

Sometimes in our dreams, when we’ve reached a low point, when we are losing hope for a better future, we see a light in the forest, or down a tunnel, that draws us to its healing energies. 

From that dream you realize once again that there is hope, there is light, there is magic all around you. You re-discover that you are actually a magical being full of wonder, life and love. And you are healed.

My vision for this necklace was something that would beam out to you that rejuvenating light to you, so negativity can’t drag you down and cloud your mind

It is energy infused by me from this vision, to always surround you in spiritual light. It contains powerful, rough-cut citrine, a stone of illumination, and amethyst, the stone of higher spiritual communication and wisdom.

The first time you wear it, and sunlight hits it, you will realize that you have put on something special, like a beacon of hope and happiness that fills you with a sense of wonder in all creation, especially when you wear it outdoors.

So put it on and feel it fill your heart, mind and soul fill with new energy, notice you walk with a lighter step, experience old songs on the radio as if you are hearing them for the first time, and walk in the light of the creator. 


Energy Artist Julia

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Great Price

So everyone can experience good energy in quality jewelry, I sell my items at 1/3 what you would pay in a jewelry store, but with equal or better quality. I want everyone to be able to experience this so I choose to make far less than others. You will not find this quality, at this price anywhere.

Limited Edition - Hurry If You Want One

These stones were a great find for me due to the raw power they transmit. But I can’t find more so when these sell out, they will probably be gone for good and you won’t be able to get them again.

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You get to wear something beautiful and magical, so
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