The “Make Your Dreams Come True” Necklace - Dream Manifesting Cherry Blossom Agate

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I put this on and suddenly the dreams I thought would never come true seemed more attainable, and I could make plans I truly believed in.
The “Make Your Dreams Come True” Necklace - Dream Manifesting Cherry Blossom Agate
Powerful stones for getting things you may not have thought obtainable.
Features a beautiful and unusual cherry blossom agate pendant, turquoise, moonstone, strawberry quartz and hematite.  Divinely inspired design. Energy channeled and personally blessed by Energy Artist Julia.  
Made in our Gypsum Colorado new age studio. Adjustable 16' to 30" inches. Center piece 2 1/4 inches x 1 3/4 inches.

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Dear Friends,
We all have dreams of better things, of wonderful things we want to happen, and of the life we would really like to have.  
To manifest them, it is so important that you hold them in your heart, and through the law of attraction, believe that spirit will bring you what you want, or something even better. 
But dreams can fade as you face the need to just survive and function in our world. And when they fade as you focus on the day-to-day, they can’t come true.
For the law of attraction to work, for you to bring to your life the stuff of your dreams, you may need help, and that’s what this necklace is for.
It’s “stone of dreams” cherry blossom agate is famous for renewing your focus on your dreams, revitalizing your energies for pursuing them, and helping you enjoy every moment of the journey getting to the place in your life where they will come true.
I think it is important to have this stone, and hold onto your dreams because the one thing you don’t want to have in life is regrets … thoughts that you should have done this or that if you had only known.
When you put it on, things seem possible and manageable, not so far off. It keeps you going, keeps you motivated, and keeps you dreaming the big dreams that sustain you through whatever happens.
I’ve added to it the following stones:
Turquoise - to protect you as you pursue your dreams and heal you from whatever happens along the way.
Strawberry Quartz - to fill your heart with joy in the moment, so you keep going and making the life you want.
Moonstone - to bring that sense of intuitive magic to your dreams, so no dream is too big of a dream. It helps you believe and belief is so important.
Hematite - to ground you and keep you going in the right direction.
I know of no other jewelry piece with this much power for making your dreams come true.
Powerful Activation Instructions Included Along With Gift Box
All stones have power, but they work far better when you follow my included instructions for activating them and making it far easier to manifest what you want.  
Your instructions and necklace come in a beautiful gift box.
Energy Enhanced For You
I throw my heart into blessing and energy enhancing your necklace, using the same energy channeling method I do for mass blessings where people have reported spontaneous healings.
You will notice the difference when you touch them.  
Great Quality And Price
I hand-select all stones from much larger piles of them, to get for you the ones with the most beauty, energy and vibrance. Often the stones talk to me and I realize they are self-aware beings, waiting to be placed with the right person to perform their divine function. 
I also negotiate large purchases of many types of stones directly from manufacturers, allowing me to offer items often at below wholesale. This means I am often selling at 1/3 the cost of jewelry stores.  
Limited Quantities - Hurry
After I picked through the piles of stones and found the magical ones that talked to me, there weren’t that many left. But these are the only ones you would really want.
So I will sell them on a first-come-first-served basis. Just hurry if you want one.
Guaranteed Results
I cannot guarantee you will win the lotto or find a pot of gold. But what I can guarantee is that if you wear this and follow the included instructions for two weeks, you will begin to see you are making positive progress towards your dreams and that you will have a more positive outlook about them.
If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Always Enjoy The Journey
I needed to reiterate that when you wear this, a great benefit is that you live in the moment. You see the dream not as a destination but as a journey, and you can enjoy every step towards what you want.
Often I think that is the true power of this stone - the ability to make life enjoyable here and now.
So put it on, and see how much easier things become for you.
Energy Artist Julia
Don't Wait And Lose Out
You know that there is no time like now to pursue your heartfelt dreams, and
This is a way to make it easier to attain them, so
You get to try it at no risk to you for 30 days.
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    Posted by Beverly on Sep 14th 2023

    I’ll rate it 6 stars or higher if i could.

  • 5
    Cherry Blossom Agate Necklance

    Posted by Hiyaguha on Feb 1st 2023

    I have a bunch of Julia jewelry, but this is my absolute favorite. It's much more beautiful and unique in person than in the photos, and the energy is so sweet and healing.

  • 5
    Cherry blosson neclace

    Posted by Janessa McCarver on Nov 21st 2022

    I dont just casually wear this I feel it's that powerful I wear it to bed or when I need something and be intentional and watch