The Pink Lotus Spiritual Transformation Necklace - Includes love emitting strawberry quartz and pink opal.

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One Of The Prettiest Necklaces I Have Ever Worn
The Pink Lotus Transformation Necklace
Sacred symbol for spiritual transformation -- with an inner strawberry quartz center that casts pink light whenever it moves. Pink opal chain. Silver, silver plate and stainless.

Comes in a beautiful gift box with instructions for activating and powering the stones.

What's amazing is that the center is not colored pink. That's the reflection of the stone on silver and it changes as it moves. It is alive. ~ Energy Artist Julia

You will not find this quality at this price anywhere. GUARANTEED authentic stones.

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! 21" chain.

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Dear Friends,
I love wearing this both because it is really beautiful and because the lotus is a sacred symbol for our new age way of life. 
The light within the lotus shimmers pink from the inner strawberry quartz stone, and changes as you move, like it is alive.
The pink opal beads within the chain sit against your skin bringing feelings of comfort, dispelling fears and filling you with joy.
And as a symbol, the lotus has the energies of the thing to which we all aspire … spiritual transformation into a higher state of existence.
The lotus represents your growth or awakening, from down in the muddy waters of confusion, up into the light, to become fully aware, beautiful, and eternal.
The shimmering pink glow from the pink quartz is mesmerizing to look upon. This stone not only helps fill you with the energies of love, but it works to help you overcome past hurts that would otherwise block your transformation.
Sometimes, The Image Is All You Need
I could go on and on, about our energy guarantees, about the energy blessing I do on the piece, about the history of the lotus and how it is sacred in Buddhism.  
But really, for this one, the proof is in the beauty of this piece, and especially the energies you feel coming even from the photo you see here.  
When you look at it and experience the light coming from it, you can’t help but want to wear it, because you know that the way it looks, is how you will feel when you put it on.
I hope that when you resonate with this, you will treat yourself to one. I have a limited quantity, so please don’t wait if you want it.
Energy Artist Julia
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    Beautiful Luminous Necklace

    Posted by Mindy Chang on Mar 15th 2023

    I have been a fan of Julia's work for awhile now. I have several energy paintings and an energy pendant by her. When I was looking at her beautiful jewelry online, the beauty and healing energy of this necklace kept calling me so I ordered it. When USPS mishandled my order, Energy Artist Julia's customer service promptly and kindly reassured me that they would re-send the necklace back to me if USPS returned it to sender by mistake. When my necklace finally arrived, I immediately was stunned by its beauty and luminous, healing energies. I have bought a lot of crystal jewelry, but none had the channeled healing energies that this piece possesses which is why Julia's work is so powerful and unique. Shout out to her customer service for emailing me to confirm that my package arrived safely! I've very rarely experienced such wonderful customer service. Julia and her works are a treasure and I would definitely order from her again. Thank you, Julia and customer support for an excellent shopping experience!

  • 5
    Exquisite pink lotus necklace!

    Posted by Maryann Grundmann on Jul 9th 2022

    This lotus necklace is absolutely exquisite – – delicate, beautifully crafted, very symbolic and meaningful, perfect size to wear with most everything, easy to adjust length. Gave this as a gift and the person was absolutely delighted. Might have to get one for myself as well. Excellent price. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    The Pink Lotus Necklace

    Posted by Mary Clare on Jun 24th 2022

    I bought this for my daughter and it is absolutely stunning! She, of course, loves it!!!

  • 5
    Pink lotus necklace

    Posted by Davy on Jun 24th 2022

    I absolutely love this necklace! It’s beautiful. The pictures don’t do it justice. You have to own one ❤️