Native Nepalese Buddha Labradorite Pendant And Necklace. Hand Carved. Limited Release

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Pieces like this sold out immediately the last time I offered them, but I now have a few more.

This dazzling sacred necklace features a native Nepalese, hand-carved Buddha pendant along with labradorite, mother of pearl, turquoise, silver, silver plate, and some jewelry-grade pewter.  

Purchasing this item supports native artists and keeps their culture alive.  

It is available in labradorite which can be primarily blue, gold or green. One pendant has all three colors and is being sold at a premium. Another one is gold with a blue third eye dot which is also being sold at a premium.  The carvers had to take special care to make it this way and used extra stone to align the blue color with the third eye.  Click the various colors to see them. 


Buddha, meaning "enlightened" gave us a path to achieving the highest spiritual state, enlightenment, thereby reaching Nirvana ("heaven") and breaking the never ending cycle of birth and rebirth ("reincarnation").

A sacred symbol among the Nepalese who created it, this unique Buddha pendant relies on a celestial, higher chakra vibration of labradorite to help you achieve greater awareness, transformation and results from meditation, while keeping you on your true path of spiritual growth.

The pendants I offer you were all hand selected from piles of many, many others by me for their color, beauty, quality, artistic expression and energies. I went through so many to get these few for you. I don’t have many available and short of taking a trip to Nepal won’t likely have more anytime soon.

I hope you have a chance to own one.



Energy Artist Julia

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Adjustable length 20" to 24" inches.  These stones were photographed in direct sunlight at the angle that brings out their color.  Labradorite is a prismatic stone which means it flashes brilliant colors at certain angles but is not pigmented.  

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee!   


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These are very hard to find, limited edition pieces.  There is only one source we know for authentic carvings like this.   After they sell out, we may never be able to get them again.
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