The Energy Art Of Julia Watkins Video

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Mar 28th 2020

In this video, Energy Artist Julia describes her amazing spiritual paintings to words,music and poetry.  Click below to start video.Click image above to start video. Image below is a thumbnail used for posting to facebook. … read more

Video - How Happiness Might Boost Your Immunity And What You Can Do

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Mar 28th 2020

ClicClick to see the newsletter article about how positivity might increase your immunity.Here is a link to energy images, art, jewelry and gemstones that can increase your positive, happy vibrations*This in no way is a substitute for medical a … read more

Positive Thinking Is More Important To The Universe Than You reaize

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Aug 14th 2019

What you think has more way effect than you think.Did you know that because the universe and also alternative universes are infinite, it is a mathematical probability that anything you can think or conceive actually is occurring somewhere else?And, just thinking those things may cause them to happen … read more