Money Magnet Activation Card

Mar 11th 2021

Here is the activation card for this item.To see the Money Magnet Bracelet, or order more, visit: … read more

My gemstone dealers call me when they get the good stuff in.

Dec 18th 2020

My gemstone and bead dealers now call me when they get something really nice in, like the fiery moonstone I just ordered.Of course, they ask me to pay a premium, but I feel it is worth it. Sometimes I end up paying double the going rate.I really don't mind paying extra if it will improve the quality … read more

How Spirit Helps Me Design Jewelry

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Dec 18th 2020

I channel my creations when I put them together. What happens is I don't think about what the stones are supposed to do. I just let myself go into the flow and see what spirit wants me to make.Sometimes I see a picture but most of the time itis all based on the feelings and energies I get whe … read more